Master Classes at Turgenev Library in 2006
These master classes have been conducted in the frame of the «Magic Saw» exhibition. At the first master class children have fabricated three-cornered books reminding ripples of the «magic saw», and at the end of that class they hanged above books with line that was like a double-handled saw. As a result, joke implementation of the figurative fellowship name allowed gaining worth-while experience. Firstly, the experience of novel approach to a book unknown for the most of children, that is, any thing may become a base (play a role of main hero) for your book, and secondary, an experience of playing with book shape. And finally, an opportunity to look at your artwork as a part of common series based on chosen approach. Our artist used to utilize the idea of peer-to-peer cooperation between an adult and a child when adult offers and supports some visual impression proposing no special solution at the same time but merely juicing up success. At the second master class there was participation of children from correspondence school who are under the necessity (mainly due to health problems) of studying at home. They offered ready response to suggestion and nobly pull off a task.
Nadezhda Suvorova’s master class