Master Classes at French Lyceum in 2007
Magical Saw gave a series of master classes at Moscow French Lyceum in 2007. Each artist worked out his/her own program for 5 classes. Artists employed various techniques and approaches to book creation. The aim of the classes was to acquaint children with book art and teach the technique of its manufacturing. The result of master classes was hand-made book-objects created by kids. The project was closed by exhibition of children's works and presentation of Magical Saw’s books published by Samokat Publishing House under support of children from Lyceum and BNP PARIBAS Bank. This was an interesting and productive project that gave an opportunity for the artists to approve themselves and for the children to enjoy book creation process. Project participants: Ivan Alexadrov, Maria Volokhonskaya, Irina Ivanova, Natalya Korsunskaya, Natalya Petrova, Olga Solomatina, Nadezhda Suvorova, Zina and Filipp Surovs.
Fancy books. Paper board, paper. Master class artist Natalya Korsunskaya