Exhibition Bill
Exhibition Arranged at Kultproject Gallery in 2010
Artists from the «Magic Saw» have presented their novel project «Theater of the Book» at the exhibition showed at Moscow Gallery «Kultproject» from April 16 to May 16, 2010. This project corresponds to consolidation of Fellowship activity in the field of junior book. Artists united in the «Magic Saw» use in their work different style and technique but the common point for them all is their attitude toward junior book as some kind of entertainment. The vision that raising up to the level of theatre arts. Among all the possible genges used for illustrated book just the junior book occupies the closest place relative to a theatre. This one, as a theatre itself, represents some synthesis of arts. Both a book and a theatre translate wording into language of space. Wonderful feature of a book consists in the fact that the last one reflects a universal theatre continuously at hands opened for play and emotion involvement. Artist has unique opportunity to choose any figure for his illustration not only between text characters but among any feature of verbal narration as well.

Fellowship artists proposed to make closer acquaintance with protagonists of their artworks. The catchpenny phrase that «onlooker steeps into illustration world» turns on its head implementing that the very illustration moves toward onlooker penetrating into his world extended in time and space. The exhibition showed not only in the frame but some build installations made on materials in three dimensions. The hall has turned into proscenium stage and visitor has found himself as a party of a theatre action. In the space of exhibition baby-lookers have got into customary world of play and transformation and adults have come back to their childhood for a while.
Exhibition participants: I. Allexandrov, Е. Zavalova, I. Ivanova, S. Kasyan, Т. Kormer, N. Korsunskaya, Т. Kuznetsova, Е. Lavrentyeva, N. Petrova, N. Suvorova, Z. Surova, F. Surov, О. Solomatina, N. Shakhovskoy, , L. Shmelkov, N. Yaskina.
Opening of an exhibition