Exhibition Bill
Exhibition in the Exhibition Hall of the Moscow Union of Artists at the Kuznetsk Bridge, 11
The third exhibition conducted with fellowship «Magic Saw» has been arranged in show hall at Kuznetski Bridge, 11 on the period from August, 29 to September 13, 2008. The exhibition showed artworks of late years as well as works of newly admitted members – Natalya Yaskina and Leonid Shmelkov.
Exhibition participants: I. Allexandrov, Е. Zavalova, I. Ivanova, S. Kasyan, Т. Kormer, N. Korsunskaya, Т. Kuznetsova, Е. Lavrentyeva, N. Petrova, N. Suvorova, Z. Surova, F. Surov, О. Solomatina, N. Shakhovskoi, L. Shmelkov, N. Yaskina.
Exposition of the exhibition