Exhibition Bill
«Painted Christmas Tree» Arranged at Children Centre «Museyon» under Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, December 15, 2010 to January 31, 2011
The exhibition «Painted Christmas Tree» has been devoted to marvelous celebration of New Year Day and Christmas and obviously to kids impatiently awaiting these dates. Each kid connects these holydays primarily with Christmas Tree, Santa Klaus and special handsels. The «Magic Saw» presented Christmas Tree as the main symbol and the major showpiece creating magic mood of Christmas and the New Year miracle. The exhibition showed new artworks in divers style and technique, illustrations for novels of both well-known and modern authors as well as for art fairy tails. Artists from the «Magic Saw» have «sawed» a lot of real Christmas Trees made of different materials. There were a tree made of glass, wood, a missile-tree, a tree like a house with lighting windows getting sight of familiar characters as well as a tree from Santa Claus history depot and you even had opportunity to read through letters ever received by Santa Claus from children and adults and record your wishes. Furthermore, artists had decorated with self-made toys the great tree located at the center of a hall.
In the course of exhibition several artists conducted some master-classes allowing kids to produce the very unusual toys for Christmas tree, illustrations and picture books as well as silhouette for shadow play with their own hands.
Exhibition participants: I. Allexandrov, Е. Zavalova, I. Ivanova, S. Kasyan, Т. Kormer, N. Korsunskaya, Т. Kuznetsova, Е. Lavrentyeva, N. Petrova, N. Suvorova, Z. Surova, О. Solomatina, S. Utkina, L. Shmelkov, N. Yaskina.