««The artist mission consists in creation of a piece of world fixing inside some points but hiding the most. In the aim that looker would aspire to peep into backside of a draw».».
She was born on May 9, 1977 in Moscow.
In 2000 graduated from S. Stroganov Moscow State School in Applied Art with a specialization in design, defended thesis on «Corporate Packaging Set for Mosagroprom»
In 2004 graduated from post-graduated course
Since 1997 works in the role of artist with «Grant» Publishing House
In 1999 collaborated with «Sphera» Publishing House
In 2001 worked out packaging design developing logos and corporate fashion for trade companies under «SGS-Print LLC»
In 2001 has been awarded with Academy in Graphic Design diploma for project of calendar intended for «Maryinskaya poultry plant» at «Design 2001» exhibition
Since 2000 to the present day collaborates with junior magazine «Cucumber». Do lecturing in graphic design history at S. Stroganov Moscow State School in Applied Art. Works as junior scientist with R&D Institute in Theory and History of Art, Department «Russian Art in XX century». Prepares an article on interconnection between art and graphic design. Takes part in exhibitions. Member of Moscow Artists Union.
Since 2007 member of artists fellowship «Magic Saw»