««Any artist should remember about confidence vested. In this case a book created by him has a chance to become real dear friend, intimate world appealing your return through the whole life». ».
She was born in 1982.
In 2000 graduated from humanitarian lyceum «Vorobyevy Gory»
In 1999 graduated from Serov School of Fine Arts No. 1
In 2005 graduated from MSPU, Department of ATPPD, defended thesis under the supervision of V.P. Kosynkin with a specialization in graphic art
Science 2001 taking part in Russian and international exhibition
Science 2006 member of artists' partnership «Magic Saw»
In 2007 became finalist of illustration contest «The Artist of Cherished Dream»
In 2007 teaching children in the age of 4-9 drawing and painting at «Moomin» school
Science 2008 attending Graphics Department at Venetian Academy of Fine Arts (magistracy)
In 2008 winner of 30-th still picture contest «Pastorizia e agricultura nel’urbo», Roma
In 2008 and 2009 working as make-up designer at Venetian carnival
In 2009 taking part in junior book joint project «3 luoghi» handed over to Museum of Font and Printing Art and to Junior Art Book Archive (Italy, Treviso, Merano)
In 2010 entered into quinary of winners at «L'Illustratore dell'Anno» («Illustration of the Year»), Milan
Dealing with illustration of junior books, magazines, fiction and historical literature, creation of special dummy copies, book-labels, post cards, making dado for public and private premises, providing painting, composition and drawing teaching.
««She-Goat» and «He-Goat» »