««Any painted book differs on principle from composite of high-quality easel graphics ectypes in that it is unitary thing, united world beginning from the cover and ending with dash character got lost in the text».».
He is born on April 18, 1982 in Moscow, in artists' family (father – sculptor, mother – architect).
Science 1996 attending private studios of I.P. Zakharova, R.G. Dmitrieva and O.V. Davydov
In 2004 graduated from Moscow State Press University (MSPU), Department of Arts and Technology of Printed Product Design (ATPPD), defended thesis under the supervision of A.B. Konoplev
Science 2004 attending post-graduated course at MSPU
Science 2004 teaching the course of «Building Composition» at MSPU
Science 2001 participating in Russian and international exhibitions
Science 2005 member of artists' fellowship «Magic Saw»
Science 2006 member of Moscow Artists Union
In 2004 graduation work in type sort «Pulpul» has been awarded with Rodchenko Diploma (the very font used for our site)
In 2006 book by А. Givargizov «We are so Similar» (Samokat Printing House) has been awarded with Certificate of Honor and a medal at yearly contest «Scarlet Sails»
In 2007 book by А. Givargizov «We are so Similar» has been awarded with «Golden Apple» Prize at International Illustration Biennale at Bratislava, Slovakia (BIB)
In 2008 illustration series «About Swallows» has become a winner at yearly all-Russia contest on book graphics «Book Image» with «Art Book» nomination
In 2009 illustration series «About Swallows» has entered into quinary of winners at International Book Art Festival CJ Book Festival in Korea
Collaborate with «Samokat», «Uley» Printing Houses, with «Secret Firmy» magazine. Aside from junior book illustration and design he works as book artist and designer.
««We are so Similar»»