««Junior illustrated book shall be sincere, abstruse, exciting, touching, soulful, and lapidary».».
She was born in 1981 in artist and aviator family.
In 1998 graduated from V. Serov Junior School in Fine Arts No. 1
Since 1998 studied at private studios under the guidance of N.Ya. Kupriyanov, L. Markelova, R. Dmitriev, and I.P. Zakharova
In 2004 graduated from MSPU with a specialization in graphic art
Since 2003 works as a teacher with junior art studio under A.S. Pushkin State Museum of Fine Art, (Children Centre «Museyon»)
Since 2001 participates in Russian and international exhibitions
Since 2005 member of Moscow Artists Union
Since 2005 member of artists fellowship «Magic Saw»
In 2007 has been awarded with Honor Diploma for the book «Little Turnip» at contest «Book Art. Heritage and Searching» with «Junior Book» nomination (jointly with other pictured books issued by «Samokat» Publishing House)
Makes illustrations and design for junior books, holds master classes, collaborates with «Samokat» Publishing House.