««Illustrating junior book I imagine the very kid as my main talker and looker. Namely his sensitive and benevolent perception of the world plays a role of mine key and the wisest customer».».
He was born in 1978 in artist Favorski-Shikhivskoy family.
Studied at MSPU and the School in Animation Draw («SHAR»).
Worked with several magazines and other printed publications («Vechernyaya Moscva»)
Collaborated with «Detskaya Literatura», «DIK», «Letnii Sad», «OGI», and «Samokat» Publishing Houses. And also with Moscow Toy Combine (table games «Day of It»)
Since 2000 participates statedly in group exhibitions
Since 2005 member of artists fellowship «Magic Saw»
Works in graphics, illustration and pop-up for junior books, printing design, animation, and promotion.