««In my opinion a good book results from artist implementation the foremost thing from his dream and all the others utilize as atmosphere».».
She was born in 1982 in Moscow.
Since 1996 studied art at R. Dmitriev workshop
In 1999 being graduated from class in mathematics at school No. 57 made decision to take to art
In 2005 graduated from MSPU, Department of Art and Graphics with a specialization in illustration (under the supervision of B.A. Diodorov)
Since 2002 works in the field of illustration and design for juniors, collaborates with «Samokat», «Egmont», «Novoye Literaturnoye Obozreniye», «Nasha Shkola» Publishing Houses and with «Cucumber», «Quant» magazines
In 2005 has been awarded with diploma for illustration to K. Chukovski fairytale «Hugger-Mugger» at contest «Book Art. Heritage and Searching»
Since 2006 member of Moscow Artists Union and of artists fellowship «Magic Saw»
In 2007 has been awarded with Honor Diploma for the book «Jerick Adventure» by M. Nusinova at contest «Book Art. Heritage and Searching» with «Junior Book» nomination (jointly with other pictured books issued by «Samokat» Publishing House)
In 2009 the book «A Cracknel for Humanoid» by V. Dyegteva became winner at contest «BOOK OF THE YEAR» with «We are Growing Jointly with Book» nomination, has been awarded with diploma at contest «Book Art. Heritage and Searching» (jointly with other books under series «Patchwork Square» issued by «Egmont» Publishing House), and also has earned honorific mention at book illustration contest «Book Image» with «The Best illustration to Creations for Children and teenagers» nomination
Draws books, paints pictures, and teaches creative classes for children and adults.