««Good books are surely aimed not to kids only, they are dedicated also for adults, whiskered and bearded, tailed and nosed, and to spotty ones, and in general to each and all».».
He was born in 1982.
In 2000 matriculated to MSPU, ATPPD Department
In 2005 graduated from University (defended thesis at B.А. Diadorov Chair)
In 2006 entered Studio School «SHAR» (with specialization in art direction for animated moving pictures)
Since 2005 took part in exhibitions
Since 2005 made pictures for «Cucumber» magazine
Since 2007 member of artists fellowship «Magic Saw»
In 2005 has been awarded with the Honor Diploma at contest «Book Art. Heritage and Searching» for illustrations to Ch. Andersen fairytale «Golden Boy»
Works as art director for animation moving pictures. Deals with junior book illustration.
Illustrations for «CUCUMBER» junior magazine, 2005-2009
«Illustrations for «CUCUMBER»»